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Greg Maziuk's Avatar emo
Shooting a music video with two parts. The first being a man taking the same walk over and over, the second a man and a woman just talking and smoking. Will be shooting this ASAP primarily on BU campus whenever the weather is nice. Preferably looking for a male and female who have some level of chemistry.
Tyree Cobbins's Avatar emo
The Voodoo Prince is an hour long pilot script that I have been fleshing out for a while now. I just finished the first draft so I will need people to read it over and help me edit it. I would like to take this pilot script down to New York and shoot it, then shop it around. I am very passionate about this story! It tells the story of Desiree Roman, a young man who can never live down the evils that his father committed. He secretly wishes that he can escape his fathers shadow and make a name...
Matthew Brennan's Avatar emo
The Last Box is a 3 minute short film that will be entered into a film competition. I am looking for cast and crew members to help bring this project to fruition. The film is centered around exes that run into each other at a pharmacy while buying condoms to prepare for their upcoming dates. The story is about how some wounds never heal, no matter how much time passes. I need two, solid actors for this film being that it is very dialogue heavy. If anyone would like to see some of my work,...
Grant's Avatar emo
Hello, as the title says I am looking for "actors" and models willing to take risks. I am making a experimental film and the more eccentric people I can get on board the better. Film process will be very laid back and fun. My idea for the film is to do several disturbing and off putting vignettes that relate to the idea of loss childhood. The only real dialogue for the film is done through voice-overs. Some of my influences are Harmony Korine, Larry Clark, Todd Solondz, Jim Jarmusch, and Richard...
Augustus Fisher's Avatar emo
Courtyards is an alternative rock band hailing from Rockland County, NY, who will be playing a concert at the Appalachian Dining Hall this Saturday at 8pm. If you are interested in recording video and/or audio for this concert, please email me (the band's bassist) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The Facebook event is linked below. www.facebook.com/events/910003512401047/
Joshua Chee's Avatar emo
A full 73 page long script and in need of an assistant director, sound mixer, set designer, and grip/gaff! Acting roles needed also included in the files below! [attachment] [attachment] [attachment]
Ercin Yildirim's Avatar emo
Hello everyone, I am so glad to find your platform, thanks to Fleishmen Center. We are working on a wearable technology project underneath the umbrealla of Binghamton University. We have decided to put our project on kickstarter.com to make our dream come true. With the advices of our professors and mentors from Watson and ITC, we reached to Fleismen Center to find someone to create our animated film of our project and it's goals. We believe making this animated film is going to be fun and a...
Shachar's Avatar emo
I'm seeking a videographer(s) to lead the filming of a Binghamton Lip-Dub Video. You'll work closely with me, the director, to bring this project to life. This project will involve hundred of students at the University and will even involve getting press from the Communications Office. Expected film date: mid-November
Sean Clarke's Avatar emo
I am looking for 1 to 3 people who have adequate animation skills. I am interested in beginning to write and produce short (5-10 mins) comedic videos to be put online. It will require a high skill level in animation and you must have your own software because I do not own any. Voice actors may also be needed when the time comes. I am also interested in working with a co-writer if anyone is interested.
Tyree Cobbins's Avatar emo
Hey everyone! I'm currently writing a script that I would like to shoot as a pilot. Once the script and treatment are complete I'd love to have people read over it so I can correct things that need to be corrected. And after all is said and done I'd love to film it. I'd like to get a feel of who in the Binghamton area is on board to shoot this in town and then we can figure out who can work in what position. I hope people are down to help with this because I think this is a great project with...
Tyree Cobbins's Avatar emo
My friend Sam and I are both actors and we're looking to film a short scene including the both of us to get a jump start on our demo reels. We're looking for a full crew of people who would help with our short scene. We're going to be writing it so then we'll direct it. But we're looking for cameras, camera men, lighting, audio, a DP and maybe some PA's to help on set. We're currently writing the script so that we can start shooting soon after it is finalized!
Ilana Lipowicz's Avatar emo
Dual monitor video instillation. Two girls are on a bench, one telling the other about a dream she had that the girl was in. Only it was not a dream she really had, rather she makes it up using experiences she remembers from her waking life. One screen shows her telling the dream, one shows the experiences she is weaving into a story. A dreamy, surreal feeling. An implied sexual relationship between the girls.
Jared Biunno's Avatar emo
Looking for a script to shoot? Well, I'm trying an experiment in which I upload a script and encourage people to make something of it. Change it, cut it up, transform it, whatever, as long as your someone who is itching to tell a story and learn about filmmaking. I've attached the script that you can read (please note these are scripts I wrote in one night, so don't expect Oscar-worthy screenwriting). If you like it you can take it and make it yours, no strings attached (except for maybe a...
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